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Avanti Engineering Group is giving top priority to assist in implementation of projects with a sustainable approach. Build methodologies according to the needs of each project. The work is jointly run together with specialists from different disciplines or different institutions and agencies.

Sustainable Transport and Mobility

We work with our clients in the planning of non-motorized Transport Infrastructure, passenger and freight, specific and multimodal mode. Our sustainable approach, allows us to facilitate the mobility of people and goods in an efficient, safe, convenient and accessible manner, minimizing the impact to the environment.

Urban Development

We conducted a detailed analysis for territory resources to generate comprehensive proposals and planning instruments in the populations being studied. This analysis allows our customers to have a sustainable vision in social environmental economic growth, political and development of the region.

Green Roads

We conducted an evaluation of sustainable practices for highway projects. The project planning green roads is governed under a system of forest protection and conservation.
This allows optimizing the budget and the implementation measures to mitigate environmental impacts in road developments.

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