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Public Transportation

Develop planning studies, design and operation of public transportation systems such as mass transit, BRT corridors, transportation routes, public transportation and taxis.


We understand our customer´s financial needs for transportation projects, so we provide advice on the identification and evaluation of national and international public and private funding sources.


Avanti Engineering Group collaborates with clients to develop studies of demand for public transportation systems, research rates and operating costs. Studies restructuring public transportation systems, development of business plans and marketing studies and application of intelligent systems modeling and simulation studies of Transportation.

Road Infrastructure Planning

Avanti Engineering Group works with its clients in transport infrastructure planning at national, state, regional and urban motorized and non-motorized, passenger and cargo-specific and multimodal character mode. Avanti Engineering Group, plans with a focus on sustainability, which aims to facilitate the movement of people and goods in an efficient, safe, comfortable and affordable way.


Avanti Engineering Group, collaborates with clients in the studies of transport demand, toll roads and pathways; Modeling and simulation of public and private transport; Integrated studies on transport and roads; Economic Information Systems, Research and Training.

Infrastructure Design

Avanti Engineering Group collaborates with clients to design transport infrastructure, from the stages of conceptual design to the final stage of final design. Our consulting team has extensive expertise in the design of urban and inter -urban roads, intersections and overpasses. We work closely with our clients in the development of infrastrcuture to fulfill the design stage in a nimbly and efficiently manner. 

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