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Remote Sensing

Avanti Engineering Group obtains information remotely, using a variety of sensing technologies in media air, water and land information. Trough remote sensing, we can obtain information about a field object or phenomenon whithout physical contact.


Combining detection with various sensors, data can be obtained as color, size temperature, spectral emissions behavior or vegetation.


Avanti EG uses various types of remote sensing technologies to monitor different types of infrastructure to obtain information with a high degree of accuracy in a systematic way. Some advantages gained by using this type of technology are:


* Reduced costs, especially manned spacecraft


* Improved performance: greater stability (allowing better pictures) without sacrificing the dynamism and possibility to fly at 

   speeds and close to the ground or obstacles.


* Simplified process


* Automation of the process when you need to shoot a larger area.


* Obtaining 3D terrain maps.


* Reduction of working time


*Reduction in the staff numbers and decrease risk exposure.


Avanti EG, is trained in the use of these devices to provide a variety of services, from the development of audiovisual, fire control and preventive maintenance of infrastructure from the air. Besides conventional images, you can acquire these instruments to capture thermal images or multispectral in inaccessible locations with repeatability and accuracy.


By using digital cameras calibrated airborne no - manned, we can obtained high resolution ortophotos at a low cost and with a higher flexibility than conventional air systems and manned aircraft or satellites. One of the main features is the repeatability; we are able to make multiple flights on the same site, without substantially increasing the cost to obtain the necessary information.


The particularity makes CATUAV ortophotos, can be used in a wide range of applications:

* Surveying and Mapping

* Infrastructure

* Forestry and Environmental Studies

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